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Spring Shoe Trends for Women in 2021

After a year spent at home, you may have forgotten what wearing high heels feels like. What’s more, most of us may not even want to remember.

Fortunately, our favorite designers understood this and gave us a lot of comfortable and fashion-forward shoe styles to look forward to during spring 2021.

Since most of us will continue working from home this year, too, there was an increased emphasis on comfort. This may be why flat sandals, sneakers, and boots ruled the runways this season. There was even a comfy solution for heel: stable platform shoes.

This year, we’re definitely putting practicality before other considerations. We’ve all spent our time at home cleaning out our wardrobes, and if there’s one thing we want in our lives now, it’s comfort.

Thankfully, the following shoe trends for spring seem to reflect these sentiments and may continue to do so for the upcoming seasons too.


Not surprisingly, we saw plenty of designers outfit their models with sneakers on the runways.

There was everything from traditional sneakers to sneaker-inspired shoe designs to mimic the comfort and familiarity that the shoe style brings.

Greek Sandals:

This trend was a little surprising, as we didn’t think people would prefer the shoe style because of the effort they require each time you put them on.

However, Greek-style sandals proved to be pretty popular with consumers who wanted to emulate that sense of vacation while in their home city.

Chanel chose to pay homage to Greek-style shoes with understated styles, while Chloe created a fusion of fashion and function with their shoes.  

Pointed Flats:

As seen on Valentino and Prada runways, pointed flats provide a soft, glamorous look to any outfit. They allow you to create a sense of luxury even while you are wearing flats.


This wildcard was seen on enough runways for it to be taken seriously again. We saw everyone from Louis Vuitton to Hermes doing a version of a clog.

But instead of the historical wooden style, these designers chose to make it chic with high-quality leather and platform shoes, and some even added embellishments to the shoe.

Comfy Sandals:

Not surprisingly, comfortable sandals were the top shoe pick for most designers. Sandals are an essential shoe style for warm months, and while we won’t be taking a lot of vacations this year, sandals are still the ideal shoe for when you want to kick back and relax.

Not only do the shoes allow you to breathe, but the flat soles allow you to walk as much as you like without any pain.


If you’re tired of wearing flats at home and want to switch it up when you go out, flatforms can be a comfortable alternative to heels. Not only will they give you height, but they also keep your feet stable.

You can dress up the shoe style with wide-leg pants or dress it down with jeans and a summer dress. If you’re looking for style inspiration, Versace runways can give you some.

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